NatureShift Features Five Immersive Learning Worlds
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You are the historian! Memories & Stories is designed to give you the opportunity to explore the basic skills of the historian's craft and uncover the stories of your local history. You will be asked to draw upon the resources found in Memories & Stories and the local resources all around you. Using this information, you will select, analyze, and form conclusions about the subjects you have researched.
As you participate in research and hands-on history projects, you will grow to understand the nature of history and what it is to be an historian.

Robot Lab
Robot Lab is designed to help you to understand how physical science impacts your everyday life. Robot Lab features 7 lab rooms that provide a variety of resources for energy, electricity & magnetism, motion, matter, waves and gravity. These labs are designed to help you with your challenge, or simply engage you in the fascinating world of physical science.

Wounded Hawk
Hawk, as on-line guide, leads you to science discoveries placed in a cultural context. You are challenged to plan a personal survival strategy for life in the 1800's village and the modern world as you investigate weather and climate, environmental issues, and physical and life science from photosynthesis and natural cycles to earthlodge construction and corn genetics. Hawk suggests many exciting experiments along the way that help you as a learner understand the science behind modern and traditional survival methods on the Great Plains.

Ranger Rosie
Join Ranger Rosie as she investigates the ecological mysteries of nature. By investigating Rosie's mysteries, you will learn about scientific principles, ecological concepts, and the natural world that is all around you. Ranger Rosie leads you through three eco-mystery investigations in the tallgrass prairie, deciduous forest, and prairie pothole wetland ecosystems using the scientific method. After following Rosie through her eco-mysteries, you are encouraged to find and solve your own eco-mystery in a local ecosystem.

Dakota Skies
Explore the World of Space. Investigate the wonders of the galaxies, constellations, Northern Lights, and ther phenomena of the skies. You will find stories, amazing facts, and many resources from NASA. Browse through informational Web sites and interactive demonstrations, or experiment with learning adventures you can try at home.

NatureShift is a Technology Innovation Challenge Grant (TICG) program,
funded by the Department of Education in 1997 to the partnership of
Grand Forks Public Schools and the Dakota Science Center.

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